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Lineriders has engaged in many pigging projects over the years. Our expertise primarily lies in identifying pipeline dents, batch tracking, and MFL smart pigging support. These skillsets go hand-in-hand with our GPS surveys, pipeline locating, and pipeline leak detection services. We pride ourselves on offering vertically integrated solutions.


Dent Locating

  • Proven Process

  • Saves Days Or Weeks Of Searching

  • Accurate Geo-Spatial Identification

  • Identify Dents On Pipelines Ranging 1” – 60”

  • Pipeline Dents Are Located From The Surface Without Dig-Ups

  • Prevents Pipeline Crews From Waiting On Standby, Thus Saving $$$

  • Pipeline Locating For Ground Disturbance


Lineriders are experts at finding dents, kinks, and ovalities on pipelines. Pipeline dents will be precisely located for dig up. Any pipelines in the area of discovery can be located and marked for ground disturbance. This prevents duplicative visits of other service providers. Excavation and repair can be completed in the same day. Pipeline crews on stand-by can equal tens-of-thousands of dollars per day in additional costs, thereby, reducing profits. Don’t let this happen to you. Contact us today!


Batch Tracking

  • Batch Tracking Support

  • Makes Efficient Use Of Pipeline System

  • Chemical Batching

  • Product Batching


Lineriders offers support applying corrosion inhibitors and cleaning chemicals. We assist in batch tracking of different petroleum products that are being shipped in a common pipeline. This allows pipeline operators to maximize their operational efficiencies, without increasing their pipeline capacity. Contact us today!


MFL Smart Pigging Support

  • Pre-Inspection Support

  • AGM Placements

  • Surface Chaining To Dig-Up Locations

  • Pipeline Locating For Ground Disturbance


Lineriders provides MFL pigging support for both pre-data collection prep runs and live inspection runs. We support Inline Inspection (ILI) crews with accurately mapped AGM placements. If anomalies are identified, crews provide surface chaining from the AGM position to the anomaly. Naturally, once the anomaly has been identified, crews can locate all buried facilities in preparation for ground disturbance.

Give us a call today to find out more about Lineriders PIG Tracking services!

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