GPS Pipeline Surveys

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Multiple Data Points In A Single Pass

  • Preventative Maintenance Program

  • Increases Environment, Social, & Governance (ESG) Standing

  • Mitigates Loss Of Containment Concerns

  • Maintains Regulatory Compliance

  • Combines Multiple Disciplines For Cost Effective Data Collection

  • Integrated Services


Nothing is better than an up close, over the line survey. Much of these data points can only be collected in-person on the ground. 

All of this information can be collected as part of a pre delivery inspection on a new pipeline, or on any existing pipeline. 

In addition to these coating surveys being used for ongoing pipeline integrity, we conduct PDI (pre-delivery inspection) on brand new lines to assure that the coating is integral before delivery is taken.

Buried Flanges Or A Valve You Can’t Find? No Problem!

We gather, measure and map to scale a multitude of datasets with a single pass over the pipeline. NACE Compliant or Fully customizable, any, or all, of the following information can be gathered
Depth of cover / Depth of Water.
Measures the overall condition of the coating by measuring the rate of current loss over distance.
Working with the existing Cathodic Protection System we are able to pinpoint coating holidays.
We electromagnetically locate the pipeline centerline and log its position withsub-decimeter GPS.
We map the elevation changes in the pipeline and are able to profile road, creek and river crossings.
City, farm, recreational etc.
Crops, Native Grass, rocky, treed etc.

Have our technicians install signage, or check the placement of already installed signs.

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