Pipeline Locating

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  • Accurate Line Locating

  • Zero Line Strike Record

  • Ground Disturbance Management

  • Quality Sketch & UAV Imagery

  • Scale Mapping

  • Integrated Services


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Line Locating Requires Attention To Detail

Crews are equipped with the most up-to-date data from multiple data providers. Each crew is provided with survey plans, production data, and any other piece of information that is relevant to the line locating project.

Lineriders are factory trained on the equipment and seasoned in the field.

We accurately and safely perform industry-leading line locating for pipelines, facility work, environmental, One-Calls, integrity digs, operations, and anything else where Ground Disturbance may take place.

When we reach the limits of conventional locating, we deploy Ground Penetrating Radar. We have used it to locate non-ferrous (plastic, fibre, stainless, etc) pipes.

We can also utilize our PIG Tracking System to locate non-ferrous lines by launching and pushing it in small increments and locating it from the surface.

You decide if the pipeline gets found. We have the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to locate any line. If you’re willing to invest in the time, we’ll find your line!


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