An underground gas leak is no small matter. They not only pose significant environmental risks but can also have dire consequences on public safety. In the oil and gas industry, preventing and addressing these leaks is a primary concern. This is the story of how Lineriders, a renowned leak detection company, acted promptly to mitigate a potential catastrophe.

The Unexpected Discovery

On an ordinary day, our Lineriders team was on its way back from a task. Nothing seemed amiss until the air around us became tinged with a very distinctive odor – that of mercaptan. For those unacquainted with the substance, mercaptan is an additive to natural gas. It is odorless in its natural form, but mercaptan gives it a strong, sulfur-like smell to ensure leaks can be detected by smell. It’s a warning sign that every professional in our industry knows to never ignore.

While many might have continued on their journey thinking it was a fleeting scent, our team decided to pull over and inspect the source. Driven by our commitment to the environment and public safety, we traced the origin of the scent. And, sure enough, we found a gas leak.

Swift Action

Without delay, we documented the exact location and marked the area, ensuring that the leak would be immediately visible to any professional arriving on the scene. Our next step was to report the issue to ATCO gas, a residential natural gas supply company responsible for the pipeline.

The ATCO team swung into action. Thanks to our timely detection and report, they were able to swiftly address and repair the leak. This not only ensured the safety of the surrounding area but also saved significant financial resources for ATCO.


This incident serves as a testament to Lineriders’ unwavering commitment to environmental safety and professionalism. It’s not just about doing a job; it’s about ensuring the safety of our environment and the communities that rely on it.

In the vast world of the oil and gas industry, every second counts, every detail matters. By staying vigilant and proactive, we can collectively make a huge difference. After all, it’s not just about the business – it’s about the world we leave behind.